Diploma Course Graduates Testimonials

Amy LIllis

"Since I was a child I knew I wanted to do hairdressing. I started my carer when I left school and I got my first full time job in a Salon as a first year aprentice I loved my career choice from the get go but as the years went on my training wasn't as intense as I would have liken it to be so I decided to look into the finishing course in Robert chambers academy when i phoned and was talking to nadine I knew this was what I needed to give me the skills and confidence to be the stylist I always wanted to be , and I was right the teachers nadine and Sarah were brilliant constantly giving advice and teaching me all the tips and trick of the trade I would highly recommend the academy to anybody looking to start or finish there training, its up to date with all the latest fashion and trends. It's brilliant ."

Fergal Doyle

“ I had known since before I started primary school that I was obsessed with hair and wanted to be a hairdresser. After my leaving cert, I did some very thorough research into where the best Hairdressing training was, and Robert Chambers School was the obvious choice.

When I started my training, it was so refreshing to be surrounded by other people who were so eager to learn and enthusiastic about hair but what impressed me the most was how knowledgeable, passionate and skilful the teachers were.

I completed the 16 Month Diploma Course achieving a Distinction and was offered the position of Senior Stylist at Lunatic Fringe in Liffey Street. I was delighted to be offered such a prestigious job within the company with whom I had trained. I worked there for two further years, grasping every opportunity that I was granted. I worked on photo shoots, fashion shows, editorials and styled the front cover of the RTE guide four times. I also entered Wella Trend Vision and was an award winner at The Irish Hairdressing Championships. Now working in Trevor Sorbie in London as a Member of the “New Trevor Sorbie Art Team” and am currently in the development stages of shooting my first collection for the British Hairdressing Awards 2014.

My career couldn’t have reached the glamorous heights that it has without the Education and solid foundations I received as a student at The Robert Chambers School of Hairdressing. I must thank Robert and Tamar Chambers, and especially Nadine Sheehy; for passing on their expertise, inspiration and dedication to the craft. My clients and I will be forever; truly grateful ”

Johanna Pitkanen

"I loved my time at The Robert Chambers School of Hairdressing. The teachers were amazing! I learned so much and have gone on to do amazing things. I am currently Technical Educator for Tigi covering the South West UK and work along side the International Creative Team in London. I worked at Lunatic Fringe Dublin after my training and managed a salon in Melbourne Australia. I am so happy I chose to go to The Robert Chambers School of Hairdressing. It gave me the skills and confidence to take my career anywhere!!"

Ciara Doyle

"I trained in the Robert chambers Academy in Grafton Street. It was hard work as I travelled up and down from Wexford 5days a week. The training was intense but extremely beneficial.

The Robert Chambers Academy has a steady supply of models and you are always kept on your toes. I believe you are only as good as your last service. So, if its a blowdry, cut, colour or upstyle you do the best you can do and no less whether its 8am on a Monday morning or 6pm on a Saturday evening. At the academy you understand that you will never stop learning as a hairstylist and when that day comes and you think you know everything -give up.

I’m working for Princess Cruise-Lines now, travelling the world doing what I love. It’s a tough business you get faced with a lot of difficult requests from different nationalities but I have succeeded because I gained confidence in my ability at the academy. The theory is excellent the model supply is plentiful and the educators are second to none. Head tutor Nadine Sheehy works hard to make sure you do the best you can do and you reach your potential. I know I wouldn’t be where I am today without her she goes the extra mile. I decided to invest in my future and it will take me all over the world. If you have the passion for hairdressing and dream of becoming a stylist the Robert chambers Academy can help you change your dreams into reality. “

Liz McGhee

“When I was 25 I sat in front of Robert Chambers for an interview for the academy and I asked him, “ You think I’m too old don’t you? “ and diplomatically he asked me “ What took you so long? “ … and so began the best decision I ever made!

I have been working for The Grafton Barber for the past 5 and a half years…I have a small ladies section and hear great feedback about my hairdressing around town. Since completing the school, I’m now a Wella Master Colour Expert, I’ve trained twice in the prestigious Sassoon Academy in London and planning a visit to their Malibu Academy in 2014.

I did IFTA lifetime achievement award winner Finnoula Flanagan’s hair for her acceptance photographs, these are just a handful of achievements that I fully credit my training at the RC Academy. There were aspects that I struggled with, especially with the doll heads, but Nadine and Kim never gave up on me. The teachers here are exceptional and if I ever have a wobble on taking on a new challenge, even nearly 7yrs on, they are still there to encourage you. I know there are a lot of school options out there and as a mature student funding myself, I checked them all but I highly recommend the RC school without doubt the best choice you’ll make. “

Angela Garrett

"After attending a number of courses in the top hairdressing schools in Dublin, the Robert Chambers Academy get my number 1 vote! it is suitable for all levels and covers all areas of hairdressing in detail and to a very high standard. Thanks to the dedicated teaching staff it has given me the confidence and self belief to take the next step in my Career. “

Donna Ryan

” I can’t believe how much we learned in such a short time. Nadine and Kim were great, very supportive even after we graduated. To think I could still be sweeping floors and washing hair if I hadn’t chosen to do the Robert Chambers Course. It was the best decision. “

Aisling Kelly

“ I had a brilliant experience while attending the School of Robert Chambers. I met loads of new people and made new friends. I learned all aspects of Hairdressing which I’m putting into practise on the Salon floor as a Junior Stylist. I found the training excellent and I am so happy that I chose this School. “

Ruth Ennis

“ To train in the Robert Chambers Academy was the best decision I ever made. It was never easy – challenging but worth it! I made some great friends and got a job within the Robert Chambers Hair Group. Now I am going from strength to strength in the Lunatic Fringe Salon in Grafton Street. “

Athos Chambers

” Before I started in the Robert Chambers School and Academy of Hairdressing in 1997, I had no experience with hair, had never even used a hairdryer. I found the course to be excellent and thoroughly enjoyable and it was great to unlock the creativity I didn’t even know I possessed. Hairdressing is a brilliant and useful skill/trade, which can be used worldwide. I have cut hair in a park in London, on a beach in Thailand and even in my own back garden. I now manage the Robert Chambers Salon in Grafton St, Dublin 2 “

Peter Stephenson

” I learned so much at the Robert Chambers School and Academy and loved my time there. The training and experience gained were excellent and I would recommend the Robert Chambers School to anyone looking to get the best and most advanced training available in Ireland. “

Michael Campbell

“ I’m delighted I chose the Robert Chambers Academy as the start to my hairdressing career. I’ve never learned so much in just 16 months and couldn’t believe I was working on clients of the school after only one month of theory and working on mannequin heads “

Cathal Goslin

“My training at the Robert Chambers School couldn’t be faulted. I loved the fact that the teachers were proper teachers who used many different methods of training, making the school an encouraging and motivating environment in which to learn. “

Denise McCabe

“ The Robert Chambers Academy gave me my starting point in my hairdressing career. The hands-on method conducted in the School gave me the confidence to go on to the further my career with Lunatic Fringe, which led to me winning the Irish Hairdressing Federation Men’s Freestyle and the Wella Trend Vision Gold Award 2010 and being selected as a member of Wella UK’s Generation Now “

Kim Brophy

” Deciding to start my career in hairdressing with Robert Chambers was the best decision I have ever made. The 16 months were intense at times but also packed full of fun and creativity and went in the blink of an eye. By the time I was leaving the course I was fully confident with every aspect of my training. I then went on to work in the Robert Chambers Salon and am now a tutor in the Robert Chambers Academy in Grafton Street, where my hairdressing journey began! “

Nadine Sheehy

I have no regrets about choosing the Robert Chambers Academy to complete my training. My personal interview with Robert himself helped my decision as he answered all of my questions honestly and I didn’t feel pressure to make a decision. My training went very fast and I loved the fact that I learned something new every day. I understood from day one that it was not going to be easy and ‘what you put in is what you get out’. Having travelled to Asia, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and America last year, where my skills were in huge demand, I know how well I was trained. “

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